Citadel - Centre for Culture & Arts presents CiancioArt


Citadel - Centre for Culture & Arts presents CiancioArt

The Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts presents an exhibition of oil paintings offering a body of work Ciancio produced in recent years. Featured are weighty themes presented in a unique illusionary quality rare for the Maltese contemporary art scene. The portrayed human characters explore some of life's intriguing realms: at once touching and most curious...

Bio of Dominique Ciancio

Dominique Ciancio was born in 1983 in Malta and grew up in the family’s home in Sliema. It was during this formative period that he became acquainted with the vivid dramatic canvases of the old masters.

He recalls for instance, habitually scrutinizing Caravaggio's big screen painting hanging only minutes away from his home. Surely a sight for sore eyes, this and various other firsthand observations somewhat persuaded Ciancio into becoming a painter. Consequently he began studying painting and drawing from an early age, always compelled bya sense of curiosity and joie de vivre.

Ciancio has also been involved in backstage painting for theater and film, working for Universal Pictures in addition to productions with notable directors such as Stephen Spielberg.

In 2004 he earned a degree in History of Art from the University of Malta as well as a four year Diploma in Fine Arts, from the School of Art in Valletta. After that he traveled extensively within Europe. Currently he has been presenting his paintings internationally, especially via Scandinavia, where his artwork has now reached private collections from America to Asia.

Never ceasing to learn, he buys and mixes his own quality pigments, stretches and prepares his canvases and uses acquaintances as models. He purposely uses these methods to give a certain crust to his paintings: a surface that transcends reality.

"Each painting can be a tiny window into an open universe," he says. Accordingly, just as colors are laid down on a palette and then mixed, Ciancio brings forth all his diverse interests and blends them to craft a visual poetry about life's own experiences.

About the Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts

Formerly known as the Crafts Centre and the Sentinella Base at the Gozo Citadel, over the past two years, this magnificent medieval building, comprising of two large and one medium sized halls, has been transformed by the Culture Office within the Ministry for Gozo, into a Cultural Centre.

The Centre now includes two multi-purpose exhibition / concert halls, a theatre and administrative offices.

In the near future a lecture hall and cafeteria will also be included. In a relatively short time, the Cittadella Centre management has managed to put together a hectic calendar which includes regular contemporary and modern art exhibitions, concerts, lectures and contemporary theatre performances.