Notre Dame Gate - Wirt Artna Offices


Notre Dame Gate - Wirt Artna Offices

The impressively ornate Notre Dame Gate (in Maltese "Bieb is-Sultan") is one of the original seven gates in the Cottonera Lines and was built in 1670 by the Spaniard Nicolas Cotoner, the Grand Master from 1663-1680.

This Gate was intended for traffic coming from the towns and villages in the southeast and has a main vehicular gateway and two others for pedestrians. The bust of Nicolas Cotoner, recently restored, sits above the gate gazing towards the church of Our Lady of Grace in Zabbar. The graffiti carved into the stone walls by a succession of Knights and British soldiers is an interesting feature.

Today, Note Dame Gate is Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna's Headquarters. Along with its administrative use, this building also shares a multipurpose role. It can be privately hired for the holding of meetings, conferences, wedding receptions, gala dinners, corporate events, private parties etc. This site, which is the tallest in the region, offers a roof garden, a reception hall, awesome underground chambers and a viewing platform from where a good part of the island can be seen!

Source: Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna