Malta at War Museum - Air Raid Warden


Malta at War Museum - Air Raid Warden

The Malta at War Museum in Birgu, is undoubtedly Malta’s best presented testimonial of the great ordeal suffered by the Island during the Second World War.

This cubicle in the Malta at War Museum Shelters is a standard example excavated for the shelter supervisor. Shelter supervisors were volunteer officials chosen from the local community (i.e. members of the clergy, professionals or civil servants). They were given the task to superintend the management of a given shelter. They received no remuneration but as an inducement, were offered the use of a cubicle in their shelter. This was possible only in the larger shelters.

The Shelter Supervisor was responsible of the day-to-day management of a shelter. This person was to see to the cleanliness of the place, the keeping of general order amongst the occupants and attend to the level of occupancy of the shelter. This official was to regularly report to the Local Protection Officer.

Source: Wirt Artna