Malta at War Museum - Shelters


Malta at War Museum - Shelters

The Malta at War Museum in Birgu, is undoubtedly Malta’s best presented testimonial of the great ordeal suffered by the Island during the Second World War.

Right underneath, some 40 feet into the live rock is a huge maze of tunnels and galleries which doubled as an air raid shelter for scores of people, and as an underground Civil Defence centre. In its hey-day the latter was equipped with a surgery, a birth-room, a chapel and various underground offices from which work by the various wartime government bodies housed in them went on unabated.

The underground galleries and museum were painstakingly restored by volunteers from Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna,the Malta Heritage Trust, a non-governmental charity with the kind assistance of the Malta Tourism Authority and the Birgu Local Council.

Source: Wirt Artna