Azure Window


Azure Window

Dwejra, with its curious rock formations and spilling seas, is a magical attraction offering opportunities of swimming in the spectacular deep-sea or in the Inland Sea, and the unique experience of diving in the so called "Blue-Hole" near the Azure Window.

Dwejra is also home of the Fungus Rock or, as it is locally known, "Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral" which translates to General's Rock. It is called so in remembrance of the Italian General who centuries ago fell to his death while supervising quarrying activities in the area.

History tells us that a special plant with medicinal and healing properties used to grow on Fungus Rock and because of this the Rock used to be heavily guarded during the era of the Knights of Malta. Anyone caught stealing the crop was sentenced to death or to life on the galleys. The crop was picked and brought to the mainland by using a primitive system of baskets and pulleys.

Dwejra Bay has often been chosen as a filming site by producers and directors for internationally renowned and famous films. Some films which were produced in Dwejra Bay are: Single Handed (early fiftees), Clash of the Titans (1979), Actor lll (1985).

Other films which have some of their scenes shot in Dwejra Bay are: Among Wolves (1985), Christopher Columbus – The Discovery (1992), The Odyssey (1997).

Scenes in Dwejra Bay were also used for documentaries such as: Non Solo Moda, The First Eden – The Mediterranean World of Man and another documentary made by the England-Thames T.V.

Dwejra attracts diving tourism due to various characteristics both above and below the surface of the sea. Divers can explore the underwater caverns and admire the very interesting marine fauna in the crystal-clear waters.

Favorite locations with divers in Dwejra are the "Hofra tal-Bedwin" or the Blue Hole which is a very deep hole in the seabed just in front of the Azure Window, the Coral Cave situated a short distance away from the Fungus Rock, and the area near Fungus Rock where divers can encounter an interesting variety of marine life and explore the cliff walls, small caves, and two plateaus.

On the other hand, the bay has rare geological features, dramatic seascapes dominated by a rocky shoreline and a general wilderness feel. From Dwejra one can enjoy the wonderful scene of the sunset.

Source: San Lawrenz Local Council