St. Mary Magdalene Chapel


St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

Perched on the cliff top at Dingli is the smaller wayside chapel of St Mary Magdalene, which was rebuild on the cliff edge in 1646.

On July 22nd, a Mass is said to commemorate the feast of the Saint. It was an old tradition to visit the St Mary Magdalene Chapel on Passion Sunday. The church has inscriptions on the door that were probably hewn during the times of Bishop Balaguer.

The small marble plaque at the side of the Chapel that reads "non gode l’immunità ecclesiastica", was put up in 1777, and indicates that the church offered no sanctuary to trouble makers or outlaws.

The area around the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene provides not only open sea views over the tiny, uninhabited isle of Fifla, but also an excellent vantage point over Malta. From the cliffs there are views inland of nearby Buskett Gardens and Verdala Palace.

The countryside here is ideal for walking. Dingli today is a quiet, rural area though in late medieval times it was one of Malta's largest parishes.