Żabbar Sanctuary Museum - Top Floor


Żabbar Sanctuary Museum - Top Floor

The Żabbar Sanctuary Museum is a museum situated in the city of Żabbar, in the south of Malta. To date, the building that houses the museum is the only building in Malta that was built specifically to be a museum.

This Museum was inaugurated on 5th September 1954.

Here you can move through the ages of Christianity in the area of Żabbar and experience the people's love and devotion to Our Lady of Graces.

In the Museum also houses a unique Ex-Voto collection of about 85 paintings. This collection boasts as the largest number of Ex-Voto paintings donated by those serving in the Navy of the Order of St. John.

Apart from these, you will also find interesting paintings by famous artists, the old titular paintings, the Vulcan XM645 memorial and many donated artefacts given by benefactors to the Museum.

Source: Żabbar Sanctuary Museum