Inquisitor’s Palace - Passio et Resurrectio


Inquisitor’s Palace - Passio et Resurrectio

The collections on display at the Inquisitor’s Palace aim to portray the salient aspects of Malta’s urban religious culture, placing particular focus on the early modern period and the impact of the Inquisition on Maltese society through the centuries. These two related themes are elucidated by means of displays that bring together the liturgical calendar with the most popular cults and devotions on the island.

One of the permanent collections is the "Passio et Resurrectio" (The Passion and Resurrection of Christ). Linking past traditions to recent developments in the religious and secular rituals that commemorate Christ’s passion and resurrection, the artefacts on display in this permanent exhibition explore the cult’s rich socio-cultural and artistic legacy.

Highlights include an artistic church model set up for Holy Week, two life-size polychrome sculptures paraded in the traditional Good Friday processions, a wooden ċuqlajta (clapper), and two eighteenth century paintings, respectively portraying Our Lady of Sorrows and Christ Crucified.

Source: Heritage Malta