Porte des Bombes


Porte des Bombes

The Porte des Bombes (in Maltese "Bieb il-Bombi") is an ornamental gate in the Floriana Lines, which formed the outer defensive walls of Valletta, Malta. It is situated between Pietà Creek and Marsa to the west and southeast, and the suburb of Floriana to the east.

This gate was constructed in Baroque style between 1697 and 1720, during the reign of Fra Ramon Perellos y Roccaful, 64th Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta. Perellos' Coat of Arms appears above the gate.

During the 19th century, the British government dramatically altered the original design of the gate by adding a second archway to accommodate increasingly heavy traffic in the Grand Harbour area. A marble plaque was affixed to the newer arch, with the following inscription: "Ad majorem popoli accomodatum".

The short-lived Malta Railway once ran through a tunnel located near Porte des Bombes.

Source: Wikipedia