Laferla Cross - Good Friday Night


Laferla Cross - Good Friday Night

The Siġġiewi Local Council takes a yearly initiative to illuminate the Laferla Cross and the nearby chapel of the Annunciation during the night of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The steep path that leads uphill, starting from the statue of Jesus in the Gethsemane Ort, is usually also illuminated with traditional fjakkli.

The Laferla Cross is a landmark sited on a hill. It provides a vantage point from where spectacular views of the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed.

The Annunciation Chapel, which was built in 1857 with donations from galleon crews is found just before the Laferla Cross. The original chapel, which was built in 1420, fell into ruin and was rebuilt in 1494. In 1693 an earthquake struck the island and the chapel collapsed. It was rebuilt the following year. It collapsed again in 1856 due to an earth tremor. A year later the present chapel was built.

The Laferla Cross was put up in 1900 to commemorate the Holy Year. The cross is named after Rev. Paul Laferla, on whose initiative this cross was erected. The plinth contains a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows.

In 1904 the Archbishop blessed the cross and a painting of Our Lady of Sorrows was added. In 1946 the cross collapsed but was re-erected in 1963. The cross is 16 meters (52 feet) high. Being on high ground the cross is a landmark visible from the surrounding countryside and nearby towns and villages.

The Siġġiewi Local Council began to illuminate the Cross and the Annunciation Chapel in 1994. Thousands of people each year visit the Laferla Cross in the night of Maundy Thursday to pray through the Via Sagra along the lane leading to the Cross.