Chapel dedicated to Saint Paul


Chapel dedicated to Saint Paul

The Chapel of St. Paul is one of several chapels scattered in the beautiful village of Ħ'Attard. Originally, on the same site where the Chapel of St. Paul resides today, there was another chapel dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. The latter was built in 1629. This information was recorded on a manuscript signed by a priest named Gio Batta Sammut. This document also contained a description of the origin of the village of Ħ'Attard and its church.

The original church dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady was desecrated by the Bishop Alpheran de Bussan. It was then that the church was demolished and in its place the chapel dedicated to the shipwreck of St Paul was built.

From information found in original documents of that time, it was learnt that the foundations of this chapel was built in December of the year 1728 whilst the chapel was finished in 1729.

Mr. Reno Saliba took upon himself the task to restore the chapel. The restoration of the chapel was completed in July 2008.