Il-Marsa's Church dedicated to Maria Reġina


Il-Marsa's Church dedicated to Maria Reġina

The building of the Church of Maria Regina in Marsa began in 1957 in order to cater for the growing Christian community in the hill area of the Parish of Holy Trinity in Marsa. The growing population in the area raised the need to be a Parish of its own.

On February 1st 1967, it was declared a Parish and was initially dedicated to Our Lady of Tears (Madonna tad-Dmugħ). Later on, on June 26th 1968, it was dedicated to Maria Regina. The Church was consecrated by H.E. Mons. Joseph Mercieca, Archbishop of Malta, on August 22nd 1976.

The Statue of Maria Regina is a piece of art by Alfred Camilleri Cauchi. The Church Organ was brought from the Church of the Annunciation, Burnt Oak - London in 1982. It was recently restored to its former glory by Mr. Brian Bugeja.

Author: Patri Paul Bugeja