Lower Barracca Gardens - Grand Harbour Views


Lower Barracca Gardens - Grand Harbour Views

The Lower Barracca Gardens perches on the bastion edge overlooking the entrance to the Grand Harbour. In the distance, guarding the entrance on the left hand side is Fort St. Elmo whilst on the right is Fort Ricasoli.

During the British reign, a heavy chain was placed across the harbour. It's purpose was to keep out enemy ships. In 1901, the British decided to construct a breakwater that would extend from the point of Valletta peninsula at St. Elmo, out across the waters of the Grand Harbour. The breakwater was built to reduce the size of the entrance and protect the fleet from both the strong winds as well as torpedo attacks. The breakwater project lasted from 1903 till 1910.

In a commanding position right at the centre of the harbour is Fort St. Angelo. This fort is the oldest fortress responsible for defending the Grand Harbour.

Among the trees of the Lower Barracca Gardens stands a monument for Sir Alexander Ball, one of the leaders of the Maltese insurgents against the French in the 1798 uprising. When the French surrendered and the British annexed Malta, Alexander Ball was to become the first British Governor of Malta.

Source: visitmalta.com