Mall Gardens


Mall Gardens

In the year 1656, the Grand Master Lascaris built a narrow enclosure in what is now the Maglio Garden. The Grandmaster had built this garden as a place for recreation for his fellow Knights where they used to play a ball game. The ball game was called Palla a Maglio, or pall-mall, thus the garden's name. The garden used to be totally enclosed by a wall but this was removed after World War II as it was extensively damaged.

Today the Mall Garden begins behind the impressive Independence Monument. The Independence Monument replaced the majestic and much-moved statue of Grand Master de Vilhena. Entrance to the Mall Garden in Floriana is through any one of the two arches located right behind the Independence Day Monument.

In the Mall Garden there are a number of monuments immortalising remarkable Maltese personalities of the Islands' political and social history. These monuments are located through the whole length of the garden. At the end of the Mall Garden, behind the building which is now government offices, is the Wignacourt Fountain and just opposite the Wignacourt Fountain is the Church of Sarria.

Author: Pierre Axiaq