Police Headquarters - Crime Museum


Police Headquarters - Crime Museum

The Crime Museum is located in the Police Headquarters in Floriana. It was inaugurated by the Minster for Foreign Affairs Tonio Borg and the Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs Carm Mifsud Bonnici in March of 2008.

An large hall at the Police HQ was restored and transformed into a museum. All the works and exhibits in the museum have been entirely carried out by the Police force. The museums depicts a selection of the island's more notorious homicides including relevant detail connected to the crime such as the weapons used.

A scene in the museum depicts the death of woman in a water basin. The killer made sure that her daughter discovered her. Another scene pictures the death of a man who had been shot twice, beaten with a knuckle duster and then beaten with a plough. One scene recalls how a husband wanted to kill his wife. He had connected a live electrical wire to the clothesline and also put a bomb beneath a basin full of clothes. When his wife picked up the basin to hang the clothes she detonated the bomb. It is rumoured that all that was left was a smoking hand holding onto the line.

The Crime Museum is an initiative taken by the Police Commissioner John Rizzo. It depicts how ugly criminality is and highlights the importance of the work carried out by the Police force.