Police Headquarters - War Hospital Shelters


Police Headquarters - War Hospital Shelters

The War Hospital Shelters are located right beneath the General Headquarters of the Malta Police Force.

The building that houses the Police Headquarters was previously the Central Hospital of Malta. The Central Hospital at Floriana was adapted from a building built by Grand Master De Vilhena in 1734 and was known as the Conservatorio.

Grand Master Vilhena's Conservatorio was turned into the Central Hospital for both sexes by the British Government in the year 1850. In the year 1872 the Government realized that the Central Hospital was inadequate to cater for the sick since it had become difficult to host the increasing number of patients. In November 1885, recommendations were made to replace the Central Hospital by a larger building. The site chosen for the planed hospital was the promontory of Gwardamangia and the foundation stone was laid on the 5th of April 1930. The Second World War slowed down the construction of the planned new hospital in Gwardamangia. Shelters were dug under the Central Hospital in Floriana during the Second World War, their scope being to host the most critical of the patients, thus avoiding to move then around in case of overhead air raids. The shelters also housed two operating theaters.

It was only in 1954 that the Central Hospital at Floriana could be changed into the Headquarters of the Malta Police Force.