Floriana Railway Tunnel - Virtual Tour


Floriana Railway Tunnel - Virtual Tour

In the late 1800’s a proposal was made to build a railway from the capital city of Valletta to the old capital of Mdina with a total distance of around seven miles. A company was formed on the 28th of February 1883 and the line was opened.

The running of the company was not as one would expect and seven years after it’s opening the company folded. The Government of Malta took over the line, invested to renovate the line and reopened it some two years later. The line remained open for 39 years and was profitable for most of its time. Unfortunately during later years, competition from the tram and the bus ensured the line’s demise and it was closed on the 31st of March 1931.

What remains of the Floriana Station is located right behind the Wignacourt Fountain. Today this small building is used by the Ministry for Agriculture. Between this small building and the Argotti Gardens is the station ramp that leads down to the St. Philip Gardens. Going down this ramp there is an elevated door which was built by the British to defend the St. Philip’s Bastions from inside attack. Once you go past the door, on the left hand side is another ramp that leads down to the underground station. This is from were the virtual tour starts…

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