Hunting Lodge of Bishop Cagliaris


Hunting Lodge of Bishop Cagliaris

The hunting lodge of the Bishop Baldassare Cagliaris (1575-1633) is situated on the pinnacle of Wied L-Isqof (Bishop's Valley), between il-promontorju tal-Virtù and il-Lawrenti in Rabat (Malta). The scenes from this dwelling extend as far as the capital city of Valletta. These premises were also used by the Bishop as his summer residence.

A rent contract is engraved in one of the stones in the façade of this building. Among other things, the contract states that this building has been rented to the brothers Gaetano and Giovanni Caruana as of the 23rd August 1792 for a period of 99 years. On the right hand side of the contract are two stones sticking out of the façade which used to hold the coat-of-arms of Bishop Cagliaris.

Interestingly enough is the fact that the coat-of-arms of the Bishop Davide Cocco Palmires (1632-1711) is also visible on the other end of the façade. This probably meant that Bishop Palmires also made use of this building.

Underneath the Bishop's residence, in the valley, is a cave. In the cave there is a steam of water that was used by the Bishop's workers to water his fields.

Many thanks to Karistu Abela and Michel Bugeja of and Dr. Christine Tanti