Santa Marija Mqabba Band Club Hall


Santa Marija Mqabba Band Club Hall

The year 1992 saw the beginning of an ambitious project in the main hall of the Santa Marija Band Club Society of Mqabba. The project eventually became yet another success in the catalogue of achievements which the Society has worked so hard to attain. When the decision was taken 21 years ago to turn this room into a grand artistic centre, the job was left in the capable hands of Chevalier Paul Camilleri Cauchi. The first fresco was commissioned in the same year as the 50 year anniversary of the Santa Marija Convoy, and hence the preliminary work of art was designed to reflect this event. This masterful representation of this emotionally charged event can be found on the left wall of the artistic hall.

For another important anniversary in the history of the village, namely the 400 years since the establishment of a Parish Church in Mqabba, a second large fresco on the right hand wall of the hall was completed, depicting Our Lady of Assumption in glorious ascent to heaven. Following these two majestic creations, the work on the hall continued in the year 2000 in the form of four individual works of art, depicting female figures in different poses, representing the four main categories of artistic craft found within the Society, namely music, literature, painting and sculpture.

The finishing touches on completion of this artistic centre resumed in 2005 and 2012, with decorative angels and nature scenes covering the ceiling of the hall. The entire hall was encompassed in fine art in 2013, with the final four sections of the ceiling being completed. The project took many years to conclude, however the hall is now complete and magnificently decorated with fine furniture and traditional handcrafts known as ‘ganutell’ (hand crafted boullion decorations). The continued praise received from each individual who has visited the artistic hall over the years has encouraged the work to continue. The final masterpiece is of great pride to the members of our Society, and is an enduring treasure to be enjoyed by the people of Mqabba and indeed any visitor to the Santa Marija Society and King George V Band Club premises.

Author: Jeremy Mercieca