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Could you make use of a 360 degree panorama for your business?

We offer high quality, tailor made 360 degree panoramas as a service. We accept orders for the production of 360 degree panoramas of the sites of your choice. Put your customers literally in the picture with our first class, immersive, interactive, 360 degree panoramic photography. Nothing gives your customers a greater sense of being there than when viewing your site, products, or services in 360 degrees. You can...

1. Feature 360 degree panoramas taken at sites of your choice in

Is your business related to tourism? Do you see a panorama of your business fitting for We are working hard in making sure that grows into one of Malta's most esteemed and popular websites. By applying to be promoted in you will benefit from the exposure enjoyed by this website.

2. Embed 360 degrees panoramas of your site in your website.

Did you know that it is possible to embed our panoramas into your website? We take the pictures, do the code, add our magic, and assist your administrator to plug the panorama into your website. We can produce individual panoramas or extensive Virtual Tours. Over the last years we have worked on a number of projects using this technology for a number of clients including UNESCO, numerous NGOs, and commercial institutions. We can create online Virtual Tours using either Flash or HTML5.

3. Ask us for an offline panorama or Virtual Tour.

We specialise in the production of high definition 360 degree panoramas even for offline use that work on both Windows or MacOS platforms.

4. Adopt a panorama in, become our sponsor.

You can support us in our ambition of complete coverage of the Maltese Islands. Become a partner by sponsoring panoramas of the sites that we haven't yet covered. We will give you credit for your support - we will embed your logo in the panoramas themselves.

You can also adopt a panorama! Sponsor some of the panoramas that we have already taken and we will embed your logo in recognition.

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